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The Last Diet You Will Ever Need

20 year Fitness Professional Reveals the Secret to lasting health and creates The Last Diet anyone will ever need….

How It Began

For the past 18 years I have dedicated my life, to Fitness and wellness. What started as an interest to become fit, soon grew into a life path.  I obtained a degree in Fitness and Business and soon began working in the industry to help others embrace exercise into their lives.

Admittedly, this love began with vain intentions.  I fell victim to wanting to be thinner with hopes of happiness to follow.   Along my journey, I signed up for every course I could in hopes that this next innovation in fitness would finally give me the figure I wanted.  From Sports Conditioning, Kickboxing, TRX Training you name it, I probably have a certification for it.  I spent year’s successfully teaching people how to move, build strength and confidence through exercise.  Ironically however, as my clients felt better about themselves, I often felt worse.  I became somewhat envious of their accomplishments and felt alone not having the support for myself as I was giving to them.


My business was growing strong and as a result, my career developed into management role for a very successful Fitness chain.  Along with this promotion came status, recognition, and financial benefits. But it all came with a price.  The company may have gained a manager, but I lost myself.  The responsibilities pulled me further away from helping people, including myself and left me unfulfilled, depressed and lost.  I was working in the Health industry and I felt like a walking contradiction.  I needed to do some soul searching and make some decisions.  I gave up the income and came to terms that I would lose the recognition that once had a strong image, and would quite likely now dictate weakness.

The Ah-ha moments

The day I gave my notice, I could breathe again.  The chest pains dissipated and the chronic back pain immediately disappeared.  It was at this exact moment when I discovered how the stress I was subjecting myself to had an impact on me physically.   I took the next year to find myself again.  Get back to what I once loved doing, reconnect with friends I had lost touch with from a demanding work schedule, and learn truly take care of myself.

Ready for a new adventure, I enrolled myself in school to become a Holistic Nutritionist.  This initiated a desire to fully understand myself thru internal reflection and learn to nourish not only my body but my soul.  I learned about vitamins, minerals, emotions and their connections to our health.  More than once, I left class with an overwhelming feelings of gratitude.  I felt hopeful that I was finally gaining a true understanding. As a graduation gift to myself, I decided to attend yoga teacher training in Tulum, Mexico.  Daily meditations and opportunities to openly share, free of judgement, was a life changing experience.   I could finally voice to my faults and embrace them for the lessons they have taught me and felt empowered to make a change.  Most recently after completing the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, I was able to rebuild my relationship with food.  Putting all of the knowledge gained over the years into practice and letting go of guilt associated with indulgence.  By creating whole foods based meals, I have never felt better. It is only now that I can honestly say I feel confident in my ability to help others take control of their health and their lives.  It is so much more than the perfect combination of exercises, or the ideal meal plan.  These are meaningless if we do not look inward.  All of these experiences have slowed me to develop what I wholeheartedly believe is the last Diet anyone will ever need.



In order to make a lasting change we have to be determined and dedicated to the process.  Life will always create obstacles, prepare for them and don’t allow anything to get in your way.  There will be cake at the office for a birthday celebration, another holiday around the corner, or unsupportive friends who want to have company devouring the thick crust pizza.  Everyone who has been successful changing their life have been faced with the same challenges.  Determination and a desire for a better way of life has carried them through.

I-Internal reflection

Our nutrition habits are greatly influenced by our emotions and our upbringing.  Food is nourishing but too often we are grabbing a piece of chocolate to nourish our feelings instead of our body. When we use food to either suppress or induce emotions, we are falling victim to ourselves.  Thru self-exploration and true honesty, we can gain an understanding of why we do the things we do.  Understanding creates strength and strength creates change.


Too often we place our power in the hands of others.  The Trainer to the stars new DVD set will be the tool that brings me happiness. Or the new fad supplement I saw on Dr.Oz will allow me to wear my skinny jeans again.  Taking the power into our own hands is the best gift we can give ourselves.  Each day finding our strength to make healthful choices, being kind and generous to ourselves as well as to others is the most empowering this we can do.  Giving yourself the opportunity to become empowered is empowering.


Trust yourself and trust the process.  Change is difficult.  If it wasn’t, we’d all have done it by now.  Trust that you have the ability. If you don’t, build a team around you to help give you the information and support necessary.  Trust that you will make the necessary steps.  Forgive yourself when you don’t, but trust that tomorrow offers another opportunity to start fresh.   And trust that in time you will find yourself looking back on these struggles and feel grateful because they have brought you to a place of true happiness within yourself and your outward appearance will be reflective of that.

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