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Making Cooking Fun Again

As a kid, being in the kitchen helping my mom seemed like a privilege.  I was so excited to stir whatever she had on the counter and I’d wait patiently in front of the oven waiting for the cake to be done.  Because somehow staring at it makes it cook faster right?

Somewhere along the line I lost my love for cooking and relied on microwaved dinners and packaged meals to fuel me.  Interestingly that was the same time I was carrying extra weight and my mood was less then ideal.


It was time to make some changes.  I got back in the kitchen are found my love for creating beautiful healthful meals again.  Now, I look forward to meal prep days.  I love feeding people.  Whether it’s a family gathering or a party, I get excited to menu plan and wow everyone with delicious healthy food. Doing the dishes I could pass on, but the cooking and sharing and eating part I love.


Without beating around the bush, getting involved in the kitchen is the only true way to take control of your health and manage your weight.  If we rely on an outside source, whether that is a restaurant or a pre-made meal of sorts, we are putting the control in the hands of organizations whos priority is profit and not our health.


If you don’t love cooking, maybe I can help to make it more fun for you.


I still have days where I have no desire to be creative in the kitchen. I can get into a rut just like everyone else.


So that’s why I’ve listed my best “fun” cooking tips for you.


Fun Cooking Tip #1


Check out new recipes. I have a little game I play with myself where I like to try one new recipe a week.  It keeps things interesting and I avoid getting stuck in a rut of making the same thing over and over again.  Sometimes it’s a flop.  But most times I introduce new flavors and textures it makes it effortless to eat healthy when I continue to give myself variety.


Sometimes just seeing the beautiful food photos and reading the recipe can spark some inspiration and fun in your kitchen.  I collect recipes on Pinterest like it’s a part-time job.  Seeing pictures of beautiful meals inspires me.


You can head to your local bookstore. Or look up your favorite nutritionists, chefs, bakers, and other online foodies. Maybe do a quick search on Google to see thousands of new ideas.  The options are infinite.



Fun Cooking Tip #2


Make grocery shopping fun and inspiring.


When you’re at the grocery store, try something that you haven’t had in a while. Is there a seasonal fruit or vegetable you haven’t had for months? What about a childhood favorite? Did you come across something totally delicious at a restaurant or get-together lately?


Or, browse around the store looking for something you haven’t had before; something that is completely new to you. Be adventurous and fun. Then you can go to tip #1 to find new and inspiring recipes when you get home.


Fun Cooking Tip #3


Keep it simple!


Sometimes when I see a great food picture, I immediately get inspired to make it. But if I look at the ingredients or instructions and they’re too long, I stop. While there are times when I’m inspired and dive into a new great recipe; when I’m not all that inspired, I need to keep things simple.


A few ways to keep things simple are to:

  • Search for recipes with 10 or fewer ingredients, and five or fewer instructions;
  • Search for recipes that can be made in one pot or pan;
  • Look for recipes with familiar ingredients. Things you may already have on hand.  No need to go to multiple specialty stores to get fancy ingredients.
  • Buy ingredients that are ready to cook with (pre-washed salad greens, diced squashes, frozen vegetables, etc.)


Fun Cooking Tip #4


Put on some music and invite someone to join you.


Do you have kids that need to learn the critical life skill of cooking?  Help create memories in the kitchen from an early age to instill good habits.  Creating a relationship with food and the skill of cooking can literally be life changing. Kids lean what they see.  Make it a family affair. Perhaps your partner would love to join you? Some are my favorite moments are when mu husband and I decide to make mal together (a rare occurrence with our weirdo schedules).  We plan it out, pick up the ingredients, put on some tunes and sip on some wine while we chop and prepare the dish.  It tuns it into an experience vs a chore.  What about having a “cooking party” where everyone brings something and pitches in on the process? The ultimate potluck. Maybe even choose a theme and everyone make a dish with a complementary flavor. Then dig in!


Fun Cooking Tip #5


If none of the other tips work for you, invest in some kitchen swag!

I love kitchen gadgets! Thinga-ma-bobs and do-dads for slicing and dicing.  It’s the adult equivalent of getting a new toy.


Having proper kitchen tools makes cooking so much easier and faster. When’s the last time you sharpened your (our bought yourself a new) knife? Could dicing carrots with a dull knife be draining the fun from cooking? Or is blending a smoothie with a crummy blender, leaving it too chunky to enjoy, making you feel less excited to try new smoothie recipes? I know it does for me.




You know that cooking is key to healthy eating. And, yes, it does get boring from time to time.


Try one, or all, of my fun cooking tips to inspire you to get over to your kitchen and cook yourself some great dishes.


Your health will thank you

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