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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the nutrition services work? What should I expect?

Upon booking the first appointment, you will be sent a folder of intake forms. These will need to be filled out before the first meeting. They will ask about your lifestyle, digestion, bowel movements and a series of other symptoms. The first appointment will involve going thru these forms with your Nutritionist in a full consultation. The more information you reveal, the more accurate they can make recommendations. On the next meeting, you will be presented with a full report of findings. There will be an educational component to help you understand how your body is working, dietary recommendations to help you choose the right foods for your body. Supplement recommendations to aide in healing. And lifestyle recommendations to guide towards a more balanced life for optimal health. Appointments after this will be on a bi-weekly basis to layer on new lifestyle changes, address any issues along the way and create a sense of accountability to help you stay on track.

Will I need to take supplements with my nutrition plan?

Supplements may be required in the initial phases for the purpose of healing. Our take on supplementation is that it will be recommended modestly and temporarily. The goal is to help you get your body back to balance as soon as possible and not have to rely on multiple bottles of supplements to do so.

What if I can’t cook?

Each nutrition plan is designed with the clients lifestyle in mind. Guidance will be given as to how to incorporate nourishing foods into your life regardless of your skills in the kitchen. Participating in workshops will help to build your cooking abilities as you move forward into this new lifestyle.

Does Fascial Stretch Therapy hurt?

No, the treatments do not cause pain. Some slight discomfort may occur from muscle tightness but never pain. We believe that the body cannot heal itself when treatments are uncomfortable. On a scale of 1-10 for pain, you should never exceed a 4.

How often is it recommended to receive Fascial Stretch?

It depends on the tissue. Typically, if someone is dealing with restrictions, 2/week for the first 3 weeks then progressively scaling back to 1/week, 1 every 2 weeks then to a maintenance plan of 1/month.

I’m not in great shape now, will I be able to do the workouts?

The workouts are based on your body and abilities. A progressive training plan will be designed based on your body mechanics and fitness level. Each challenge will be presented will be within your capabilities. You are completely in control of your body. Your coach will help you push past your limitations and feel better than you ever have.

How often should I be doing the recommended workouts?

To get the most benefit out of your workouts and the most visable results, workout will need to be done 4-6 days a week. On the lower end to start and pregress to a higher frequency.

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