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Nutrition Consulting

 Nutrition Consulting

The world of nutrition can be confusing. Low fat? No fat? High Protein? Low carb? Vegan? Raw? Gluten free? Dairy Free? With so many diet plans it becomes an overwhelming task to decide which one to follow. Not only that, but the marketing industry has done a brilliant job at creating confusion.   Karen’s role as your nutritionist is to help you sort through all the misinformation and help you understand the best approach for your body.

Through symptomology analysis and an extensive consultation process, Karen detects imbalances in body function. Her approach is to guide you to nourish your body back into balance and as a result, your entire system will function in harmony. Increased energy, eliminate digestion discomfort, alleviate skin conditions, reduction in body weight, blood pressure and cholesterol are some of the side effects of working with her. By understanding your unique biochemical individuality, recommendations will be made as to what foods will work best for your body. Education is key to understanding how to truly take care of yourself. Karen will help you understand why certain foods work well for you based on your individual needs whiles others may hinder your progress and leave you feeling unwell. Knowing how your body reacts to and absorbs food is fundamental in creating vitality.

Education is key to understanding how to truly take care of yourself.

After the initial consultation and intake session, Karen will prepare a full report all about you! Detailed explanations of system imbalances detected will be presented as well as food recommendations, possibly some supplementation as well as lifestyle modifications to help you live and feel your best. Meal plans and recipe guides are included to help you put it all together in an uncomplicated approach. Weekly or biweekly appointments, in person or via skype, help you stay on track and guide your progress. Adjustments to the plan are made as time progresses evolving into a full lifestyle transformation.

The focus is always on what your body needs using healthful, delicious foods. It is not about restriction but about exploring to find the right menu for your body. With this approach, there is no room to feel deprived. This is not a diet, it is a way of life. Getting creative in the kitchen and being committed to the process is an empowering act to take care of your health. By using whole foods nutrition, and redefining your relationship with food you will radiate good health!

Culinary Workshops

Understanding what foods are good for you is one thing, incorporating them into your diet is another. Too often people get stuck in a rut with their eating/ cooking habits.   Karen offers monthly culinary workshops to help people break out of their shell, try something different and learn culinary techniques that are easy to apply in your own kitchen. Incorporating a large array of wholesome foods into your menu provides an influx in nutrient uptake. Variety is necessary to prevent nutrient deficiencies and support health. Each month the workshops have a different theme with 6-9 healing recipes. In every 2-hour workshop participants will learn about the healing benefits of the whole foods ingredients used. We will create and taste multiple recipes in an energetic environment. Mingle with like-minded food enthusiasts and leave with an information and recipe booklet to recreate the dishes on your own. All the recipes are vegan, gluten free, and dairy free to support healthful lifestyles. Getting creative in the kitchen is the first step towards taking control of your health. Available for private bookings or corporate events.

Corporate Speaking Events

With years of experience in front of groups as a Fitness professional, part of the Faculty at  the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Presenter at Corporate Wellness Days for government employees, and MC for Fitness Conference Catalyst, Karen is eager to share her knowledge to larger groups. She has a straight forward approach towards wellness and offers practical strategies that can be directly applied. She presents with energy and humor to keep listeners engaged. Employee wellness, Effects of stress on the body and how nutrition plays a role to manage it, wellness practices for maximum productivity in work and in life are some popular topics. Talks can be customized to meet the needs of the group. Karen is an engaging, passionate speaker that inspires her listeners to take control of their health and excel in their lives.

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